Our Case

We are committed to achieving a better understanding of the real issues associated with the Melville Pit and ensuring they are addressed. Most importantly, we want those who are responsible for deciding the fate of this proposal to make the best decision for the environment and the people who live and work here.

From our perspective if the Melville Pit were to be approved it would negatively impact the day-to-day lives of literally hundreds and hundreds of families living in Melville, Alton, Orangeville and surrounding areas. No berm could be built to cover up all of the issues that the Melville Pit would create! We believe that there is a strong case to “Stop the Melville Pit” and these pages will help you will help you get familiar with it.

In summary our case is based on:

  • Concerns we have with The Application process itself – there are errors and omissions
  • Us being left with less Water of poorer quality – there is a request to water in such volumes that our wells and the carrying capacity of the Credit River could be affected
  • The impact of so much heavy Truck Traffic – on local roads and on the designated haul routes where they will, in effect, displace commuters who will then seek a faster way home on our local roads
  • The decremental impact to The Natural Environment – the proposed pit is close to a Provincially Significant Wetlands (PSW) and has a Significant Woodlot, an Area of Natural and Scientific Interest (ANSI), and a number of Endangered Species identified on the site
  • The risk to our Health & Safety – resulting from airborne chemicals and particulate matter from the extraction and recycling processes, and from noise
  • The Social Cost to us all- in terms of more taxes and reduced property prices

While a number of these issues get amplified for those living closest to the pit, some also have a particular significance to the families living in Alton, or Orangeville. Because of this the specific Implications for Alton and the specific Implications for Orangeville have been detailed separately.

These pages include reference materials from independent experts and from publicly available research work and we will continue to add to themas our case preparation proceeds.