Write up of September 16 Community Meeting (and Farewell to Chair)

On Wednesday, September 16th, Eric Gillespie, CAMP’s lawyer, spoke at our Community Meeting in Alton about the Ontario Municipal Board Hearing.  Although we have not yet received the final written report with the Chair’s decision from the July Hearing, we did hear her initial decision, given orally, at the end of the Hearing.  At the September meeting, Eric was able to share his professional reflection about our win at the Hearing.  He also shared his thoughts about the Next Steps that CAMP could make.  More of this will be clear and will be shared once we have the written report from the Ontario Municipal Board.

Review of the Aggregate Resources Act: Input Requested

Minister of Natural Resources and Forestry, Bill Mauro, has announced that there will be planned amendments to the Aggregate Resources Act to “modernize and strengthen the province’s framework for the management of aggregates”.  The changes could include higher fees for sand and gravel producers and increased regulatory oversight of their operations.

Minister Mauro stated that the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change wants to hear from stakeholders, including the public, about the proposed changes that “will help the management of the province’s pits and quarries”.

Mauro said the changes proposed to the sand and gravel law would see:

  • Stronger oversight  in the management of aggregate operations;
  • Increases to fees and royalties that will result in a revised fee structure that is fair and competitive;
  • Increased environmental accountability;
  • Improved information and participation to improve local and First Nation and Métis community involvement in proposals.

More info will be forthcoming.

 Farewell as Chair

Lastly, due to personal commitments, this will be my last update as Chair of CAMP.  It has been an honor to work on behalf of our community over the past year.  I have enjoyed meeting with you and I greatly valued your comments and support throughout the OMB process.  CAMP will continue to work on your behalf under the Directors with Sue Moore as Interim Chair.

Best regards,


Mary Haslett, Chair

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