Update: OMB Pre-Hearing

The first OMB pre-hearing was held today at 10:00 at the Caledon Town Hall. Those present included CAMP’s legal counsel, Laura Bowman and Charles Hatt from Ecojustice; Olympia’s legal counsel, Mr. David White  et al; the Town of Caledon’s legal counsel, Mr. Chris Williams et al; the Ministry of Natural Resources legal counsel; and the Region of Peel legal counsel.

The Town Hall chamber was filled almost to capacity – thanks to all of our community members who were able to be there!  Your show of support made a strong statement! Thanks also to Ward 1 regional councillor, Barb Shaughnassy, for attending as well as Ian Sinclair, and representatives from Pit Sense ,REDC, and Gravel Watch.

From the deliberations that went on the outcomes were:

1. the lawyers were able to settle the 2 motions that had been brought forward by Olympia’s legal counsel

2. after some discussion about upcoming dates and the dates for the actual hearing, the following were given by the Chair, Helen Jackson:

    – issues list by Jan. 26

    – witness list by Feb. 20

    – 2nd pre-hearing date – March 6th at 10 am at the Town of Caledon Town Hall in Caledon East

    – 15 day hearing beginning July 6th  at the Town of Caledon Town Hall in Caledon East

  Chair Jackson noted that there will not be any further notice sent out to the community about these dates.  But we will be sure to remind everyone of the dates as they approach!

3. lastly, Chair Jackson received notification of recognized objectors who will speak at the hearing on specific issues: Mr. Paul Bunt; Mr. Michael Asher; and Mr. Rob Covassin.  A participants’ list was also submitted from members of the community who were present today and who wish to speak at the hearing in July.

CAMP’s legal counsel was satisfied with the dates for upcoming deadlines and for the 2nd pre-hearing and hearing.

I will keep everyone updated as the deadlines come and tasks are completed as we approach the 2nd pre-hearing in early March.

Once again, my sincere thanks to all who came out today.  Your support was truly appreciated!

Mary Haslett

Interim Chair

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