Outcome of second OMB pre-hearing held today (6 March) at the Caledon Town Hall

The second pre-hearing for our appeal to the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) was held this morning at the Town of Caledon Town Hall in Caledon East. Thank you to all of you who were in attendance to give your own support.

The main outcome of the pre-hearing were:

  • The withdrawal of Paul Bunt, the MNR and the Region of Peel as parties
  • Agreement on procedural time line:
    • Draft layout of procedure to OMB by 20 March (OS&G, TOC and CAMP councils)
    • Onsite visit 7 May
    • CAMP witness statements 27 May
    • Conference call with OMB to decide on final hearing length and start date 1 June @ 9:00 AM (OS&G, TOC and CAMP councils)
    • OS&G witness statements 12 June
  • The hearing itself will be held either 6 July for 3 weeks or 6 July for 2 weeks or 13 July for 2 weeks. The venue of the hearing has been changed to St James Anglican – 6025 Old Church Rd, Caledon East, ON

We will be updating you of any further developments in our appeal as they arise

download full: outcome of pre hearing conference march 18 2015

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