Dear Friends and Supporters of CAMP,


Yesterday, OMB Chair Susan Schiller decided the appeal, in part, in CAMP’s favour under the Planning Act for our issue #4, that prohibits Olympia Sand and Gravel Inc. from washing the aggregate, pending a Permit to Take Water.  Chair Schiller recognized the evidence provided by our hydrogeologist, Dr. Ken Howard, supported by the other hydrogeologists for Olympia and the Town of Caledon, by saying the evidence sent a “severely cautionary” flag that “almost any amount of water (taking)” could undermine the unique water system at the top of the Melville Hill. Furthermore, a Public Liaison Committee will be formed with 2 residents and 2 supporters of CAMP along with a technical advisor to join the other agencies (Town of Caledon; Region of Peel; Ministry of Natural Resources; Credit Valley Conservation) and Olympia Sand and Gravel to address other issues and monitor the dry extraction of aggregate resource.

And so, today, we are celebrating this important decision in our fight to stop the Melville Pit! There will be more information in Chair Schiller’s written decision that will be shared when we get it.

In recognizing our victory, we must  acknowledge the excellent work of our legal counsel, Mr. Eric Gillespie, and Ms Priya Vital, and our experts, Planner Mr. Tony Usher, and Hydrogeologist Dr. Ken Howard, who masterfully developed our case so that it did address the issues that could be fought at the OMB. Special thanks to our community objectors, participants and supporters whose contributions were also acknowledged by the OMB Chair. Also thanks to CAMP’s Executive Committee, including Directors Sam Asher, Cather Asher, and Sue Moore; Simon Witts; Susan Leslie; and Tony Williams for their on-going advice, knowledge, and hard work to get us to the OMB Hearing.

Lastly, thank you, our CAMP Friends and Supporters for your interest, your financial support, and your faith in what we were doing to be successful at the OMB.  Together, WE DID IT!!

You will, no doubt, have some questions as we move forward from the OMB.  Following the oral decision yesterday, our lawyer, Eric Gillespie, spoke with all community members who were in attendance about the significance of today’s decision and what future considerations we may have to look into as there are different options ahead for us to address the other issues that could not be fought at the OMB.  But, without a doubt, today’s decision meant that CAMP was successful at the OMB in protecting our valued water supply!

More information will be forthcoming about future info meetings, a celebration party, and a sharing of the info in the final OMB decision report when it is available.  In the meantime, please spread the word:  C.A.M.P. WON AT THE OMB!

Best regards, Mary Haslett. Chair

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