Alton All Candidates Meetings (09/29 and 10/24) and Voting (10/27)


There will be two All Candidate meetings in Alton

Monday SEPT. 29 – Ward 1 Alton Village Association All-Candidates Meeting at the Royal Canadian Legion, 1267 Queen Street West, Village of Alton, 7:15 pm to 9:15 pm


Friday OCT 24

 Good afternoon. I am a citizen of Alton and I see the need for others in and around the area to have an opportunity to meet with the NEW candidates ( as the ones in office have already their history that speaks  for them ). This is why I am going to be   hosting an informal ” meet & greet”and extending invitations to the new candidates to attend  on the 24 th of October at my location at 19695 Main Street & Station Street in Alton . From 7-9 pm.  This will provide members of the community to speak one on one with candidates and ask Questions they may not ask out loud in front of a crowd . Voting is a very personal and private decision and I believe this creates an atmosphere where otherwise some would be intimidated. It also falls very close to election day and and for those that have not had a chance to meet candidates it is a prime time . If you are able to attend please let me know and if so spread the  word. It will be held in the former Baptist church , a quaint and cozy environment . It can be viewed on  google at Fieldstones Coffee &Tea Lounge. In Kind , Fiona

VOTEING is on 10/27/2014: CAMP cannot stress enough the importance of being involved in our local politics.  Please make you voice heard by learning about the candidates, and voting for those who best represent your concerns.  Please vote!

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