Summer 2016 Newsletter

CAMPDear Friends of CAMP,

We have jumped into summer 2016 and it feels great!

CAMP once again searched for the Jefferson Salamander this spring 2016 with some promising results for the 2017 season.  We will keep you posted, and if you want to be a part of this annual tradition let us know we will happily get you involved!

CAMP would like to extend a very big thank you to Mr. Don Scallen whose help and direction has been very informative and has aided many of our CAMP friends to understand the importance of this little creature! Thanks to ongoing enthusiasm, CAMP will move to set up our teams again this year to gather information and continue our search for the Jefferson Salamander.  This creature exists locally and CAMP believes that they make their home close to ours, and that finding their habitats is essential to help us “STOP the Melville Pit”

  • SALAMANDER: The Jefferson Salamander, an endangered species, has been known to live in the area of the proposed Olympia pit and since it currently falls under the Endangered Species Act, the Jefferson Salamander’s habitat must be protected! Our experts will be conducting our second annual thorough hands-on research this spring to verify the Jefferson Salamander’s existence in our area.  Our researchers will be taking samples from local ponds and pools to in the hopes of verifying Jefferson Salamander DNA.

Please visit: for more information

The Directors have been keeping watch over our little community group.  We recently posed some questions to, and received some information from, Ohi Izirein at the Town of Caledon.  June 14, 2016, the ARA license granted to Olympia Sand and Gravel Ltd., #6254025, was received at the Town along with the amended Site Plan. CAMP has requested a copy of both. The Town of Caledon has no information regarding whether or not Olympia has applied for the PTTW (Permit to Take Water) at this time.  Olympia must establish a Public Liaison Committee within 6 months of the license being issued, the committee will include members of the community and CAMP. These details will soon be available for comment and the Directors will continue to monitor this.

For the past 8 months CAMP has solely been supported financially by one family in our community.  In order for CAMP to continue, the organization needs the financial support of many community members.  CAMP has seen a great deal of success as a local organization, and in order to continue being a cornerstone in our community, and to ensure that the Melville Pit and its’ owners follow the directives of the member of the Ontario Municipal Board, it is essential that we continue to make contributions – So please donate to CAMP.

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Pledge an affordable amount each month and submit post-dated cheques, payable to CAMP.

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Susan Moore

And the Directors of Camp

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