June 2015 Newsletter



June, 2015


Dear Friends and Supporters of CAMP,

This Spring has indeed been busy as we continue to prepare for the Ontario Municipal Board Hearing in July.


The OMB has set the dates for our Hearing.  The Hearing will begin on Monday, July 13th and it will end on Friday, July 24th.  The Hearing will begin daily at 10 a.m..  It will be located in the Parish Hall of St. James Anglican Church, 6025 Old Church Rd., Caledon East, Ontario.

All OMB Hearings are open to the Public.  During the 2 week time block, the OMB Chair will listen to presentations that deal with the key issue, Water, from scientific experts, planners, and lawyers representing both sides of the case. Other objectors and community participants will also present their information before the Board’s Chair over the 2 week period. There are 2 objectors and 8 participants who have submitted their prepared statements, following the timelines, to the Board.

It is CAMP’s hope that our community will plan to attend the Hearing.


 Our Spring Fundraising CAMPaign has been very successful, thanks, again, to YOU!  We set out with a fundraising goal of $65,000.  As this newsletter is being written, we have received and/or had pledged $57,000. We are now in a strong financial position as we head into the OMB Hearing in July.  Thank you to all the contributors so far!  Your support is appreciated!


Our Jefferson Salamander volunteers are continuing to conduct the survey on behalf of Dr. Jim Bogart.  The dry Spring weather has pushed the mole salamanders back into their burrows, making it a challenge to locate them.  We are, however, continuing the survey and data collection throughout the month of June.  Again, sincere thanks to our community members who have allowed access to their properties as we conduct the survey.


CAMP’s Pub Night on May 20th was very well attended.  Thanks to Cathy Reid, Michele Fisher and the Orangeville Golf and Country Club for hosting a fun night out!  Stay tuned for future events being planned!

See you at the OMB Hearing on July 13th!!

Best regards,

Mary Haslett


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