Orangeville Banner, 26 June 2014 – Don’t downplay concerns about Melville pit plans near Orangeville

A recent article in the Orangeville Banner is quite disturbing in its tone and content.

A report that the Ministry of Natural Resources is referring the Olympia Melville Pit application to the OMB.

Mr Pevato refers to the issues as “very very minor” but the MNR must feel they are significant enough to go before the OMB.

It would be helpful to your readers if your reporter would elaborate on just what the issues are, since Mr Pevato that he knows “exactly what the issues are”

Perhaps, the MNR or the OMB can supply the information to your publication?

All things considered, however, Mr Pevato’s assertions cannot be taken too seriously since he stated in an earlier Banner article that concerned demolition debris and road asphalt is “clean” containing “no steel, no garbage, no nothing”.

As was pointed out by one of your readers, concrete is far from clean. Ditto Asphalt.

It is truly worrisome that someone who appears so poorly informed and callously dismissive of neighbors’ concerns could be put in charge of such an industrial processing operation and permitted to carry out in close proximity to the water table and neighboring residents.

Hopefully, the OMB will see the folly of this application and the insufficiency of the oversight that might be forthcoming from the MNR.

It is also disturbing that your reporter referred to “concerns bandied about by residents” as though the concerns were inconsequential.

To make light of the residents’ concerns in such a manner is disrespectful and highly inappropriate.

Bob Shapton

Caledon ON

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