Caledon Enterprise, 5 March 2014 – Politicians ignore residents on Melville Pit

Dear Editor:

I attended the CAMP (Citizens Against the Melville Pit) recently at the Alton Mill. There must have been in excess of 100 very concerned residents there from Alton and the surrounding areas. Many voiced their opinion and the CAMP organizers ran a very good and informative meeting.

After listening to the topics put forward and the reactions from the residents, I was absolutely amazed that such a well run meeting as this did not have any elected officials in attendance.

There were no councillors, MPs or representatives from either Orangeville or Caledon, even though they had been invited by the organizers. This speaks volumes about the people who hold such positions. Our elected representatives should have been there to listen to the many concerns, take notes, then act on those concerns on the behalf of the residents who oppose this pit.

There was much time spent talking about basically three things: air, water and land. I wondered why when living in a place such as Caledon are we holding meetings about how we need to preserve the basics of life and that these three fundamentals of life were not important enough for even one councillor or representative to attend.

The study showed that almost 500 trucks a day will be coming and going and the water supply will be adversely effected by this pit, no matter what you may hear.

It was after seeing the scope of this pit that I realized why there was no elected officials there.

The reason is that they have already sold this community down the river. They would not want to subject themselves to the people impacted by their decision.

Like Judas, they have taken the money then quietly walked up and kissed this community on the cheek. We have been betrayed by the people we elected and trusted.

Hwy. 109 will have a massive amount of dump trucks moving back and forth creating traffic chaos. There will be accidents and people will die on that road.

With such a huge increase — at almost one truck every minute (almost an impossible amount to comprehend) — the wear and tear on this road will be extensive and being owned by Dufferin will need yearly expensive maintenance.

Apparently, the alternative route could see that amount of trucks routed on Porterfield Road and through Alton, it would be a sleepy idyllic village no more.

This is not about spoiling someone’s view, property values being reduced, the noise that comes from a working pit, the trucks spewing out carbon monoxide, the land being laid waste of all trees, fauna, wildlife, it’s not about people not wanting a pit in their backyard, but it is about a small degree of basic good old common sense.

This Melville pit simply does not make any sense to hundreds of people who live in this area. It seems to the elected officials it not only does make sense but it is not even worth the time to discuss with the people whose lives will be changed forever by their unbelievable decision to grant permission for this pit.

It’s a very sad day for not only a community but also the democratic process in Canada.

G. Morrison,


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