Caledon Enterprise, 26 February 2014 – Vote for pit is vote against community

Dear Editor:

Your publication informed us that Caledon council at its Dec. 13 meeting voted for a pit. Not for the Melville community that opposed it and presented valued presentations for rejecting the application.

For me, community is about our relationship with each other and with the Earth. The vote in favour of the pit separated the Caledon community from the living earth on which we live.

As a resident of Caledon for decades I came to appreciate our community as living our lives in relationship with the environment as a harmonious and symbolic relationship. Our forests, rolling hills, pristine lakes and meadow and gardens reveal what our lives are all about.

They give us a taste of what it really is like to live in the physical universe. As an architect, I fully understand how architecture makes a significant impact on the physical universe. The current “resource mentality” is against our environment. It demands that if it is there, it be used, whatever the cost. If not used, it is wasted. Our existence is debased as a consequence.

We in Caledon want to preserve the living earth. The Melville Pit would destroy over 291 acres of it, and impact our neighbours in Melville and Orangeville. If the pit goes ahead, Melville is in danger of losing its pristine and beautiful surroundings. To what? A huge gravel pit.

We should remind our elected representatives that the Caledon citizens want to preserve the living earth in its glory and need to side with our Melville neighbours to keep our waters pure, abundant and our air clean. Stripping off the living earth to get to the gravel benefits only a few. Certainly not the citizens of Caledon. Council gave the green light to a huge gravel pit, and ignored the Melville community’s preference for clean air, clean and abundant water and enjoyment of the wonders of Caledon.

We are the greenest town, and should remain so. Our elected representatives should vote for healthy environment and not discriminate against our community’s interest.

Laszlo Nemeth,

Caledon East

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