Caledon Enterprise, 2 April 2014 – Conflict of interest?

Dear Editor:

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Re: I did not ignore residents March 19

Richard Paterak responded to a letter from March 6 which stated that some residents of Caledon had virtually been ignored and abandoned by Caledon council. He goes on to say that because these very concerned citizens have taken this Melville Pit matter to the OMB that he is unable to be further involved and the only way he can now talk to the residents about this is through legal representation.

Where has all this gone wrong? He should not find himself in this position in the first place as he and the rest of council should have done what the citizens that elected them in to do, that is to look after their welfare and make decisions based on, among other things, those residents’ wishes and reject this pit site.

Why are the citizens forced to organize and create a group called CAMP at a great cost to themselves and their supporters, when we already have a group that is in place to look after our well being – that group is called Caledon Council.

This, as the original letter said, is a breakdown and a stalling of democracy I can think of no other way to put it.

CAMP is not a small, insignificant group of crackpots, it is a large group of very concerned citizens with some real issues regarding this pit site that have not been acted on or thought about when this council all but Doug Beffort voted in favor of this pit.

I can accept Mr. Paterak’s response for what it is but I find it hard to accept why council has gone against a large group of citizens in the very first place, and how when an appeal is lodged he and the rest of council treat these citizens as outcasts.

Olympia Sand & Gravel is the company that has applied for and been approved for this pit license. I have done as much research as I can to find out who are the Caledon business people behind this company name, after sending letters to the mayor, councillors, planners, all have been so far ignored. My main concern to find out is to be able to look in to any conflicts of interest that may or may not have occurred with this approval process.

Mr. G. Morrison,


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